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HHO car is more common these days

More and more people worldwide start using this technology to save gasoline and that way help save the environment. This HHO Car system can by fitted on almost every model of every brand there is. It varies a little depending on the engine it is being installed on but the principles are same. It can also be used both on diesel and petrol engines.

Operating an HHO car purely on HHO gas requires lots of modifications and is not exactly economic for commercial use but supplementing your petrol or diesel engine with HHO gas is rather cheap and easy to do.
You may also choose between buying a complete HHO kit and letting your mechanic do all the work for you or you can make your own HHO car by building an HHO generator and installing it into your car by yourself that way saving some more. And it is not that hard at all!

Hybrid car
Hybrid car green Everything you’ll need for making your own HHO generator can be found at your local tools and electronics stores and you don’t have to be a master mechanic to construct it or install it.

HHO cars are a new breed of HYBRID!

Produced by simple electrolysis, the HHO gas improves combustion process that way producing more power. The electrolysis process is triggered by engine rpm so that the HHO gas is produced only when it is needed and therefore no additional tank is required for gas storage.

By improving engine power and gasoline combustion, less fuel is needed to produce the same power output required by the user. This way the engine runs smoother and remains clean because almost 100% of fuel is combusted and byproducts are disposed of more efficiently through the exhaust pipe.

Hybrid car pluged
Minicar hybrid

Your regular petrol or diesel engine combust only about 20% - 30% of the fuel mixture that is pumped in. Byproducts are partly expelled through the exhaust system but part of it remains in the engine and exhaust pipes causing the engine to wear out more quickly and clogging the exhaust system.

Implementation of HHO gas into the combustion process increases fuel combustion up to 80-100%, increasing power output that way and reducing the amount of fuel needed for the process. And by doing so, almost 100% of byproducts (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide…) are expelled through the exhaust system leaving the engine clean and smooth running.

The temperature of the engine is also lowered as HHO gas is converted into water vapor during the process that way cooling the engine more efficiently.
Converting your vehicle into an HHO car can save you from 10% up to 40% of your monthly gasoline and car maintenance costs. And the best thing is that you can easily remove it in a few minutes if you need to, and you can also install it back anytime you want.

HYBRID car has become a synonym for fuel efficient and environmentally friendly car


If so, than an HHO car is more than qualified to be called a HYBRID.

By reducing fuel consumption, HHO system reduces negative emissions from the engine that way keeping our planet cleaner and healthier.


HHO system can reduce negative emissions up to 60%! And by lowering fuel consumption it also reduces our dependency on foreign oil and that way keeping gasoline prices at a reasonable level. If only a fifth of the world population would use this technology we could lower carbon monoxide emissions, which are highly toxic for all living beings, by 50% and carbon dioxide by 60% which is one of the main causes for global warming effects we are experiencing today.
So if you would care about the environment and your health, and you wouldn’t mind saving some money along the way, this might be the thing you are looking for.  

Hybrid planet

As oil demand grows larger every year so are our natural reserves wearing thin.

The results are extremely high gasoline prices and fuel shortages all over the world.  And it’s only going to get worse.

Many car manufactures start producing HYBRID cars. But the price of these cars is not very economic and you can hardly save enough money on gasoline to even the odds. So they introduce hydrogen technology... But, again, you have to buy expensive hydrogen on a gas station

Hybrid car saves money

This is where HHO car is much more efficient!  It has been around since the 19th century. And it has been successfully used throughout World War II.
Of course they aren’t going to make a serial production car with an HHO generator in it, they would have to sell you water to make money then!

All around the world people are using HHO generators with internal combustion engines to save gasoline and produce more power

It has been widely used throughout the U.S. by farmers for tractor engines and other machines.

During the final years of World War II there were massive fuel shortages on every front.

Both sides used HHO generators to save fuel and increase mileage of their vehicles.

When the war ended it was ordered to destroy every HHO generator but some survived and German people used them to provide power during the postwar crisis.

Hybrid truck